Worried about Security of WordPress Websites? 7 Best Plugins for you

A vast proportion of business relies on WordPress websites. It’s needless to say that a security breach can diminish the buzz of your website. Every hard work that you have done to gain the brand reputation of your business would go in vain. Don’t let anyone destroy the years of hardship and customer reliability.

When you depend on WordPress websites, you can improve the security of the website. And, WordPress security plugins are the perfect choices to keep your website safe from any kind of mishap. Hackers are likely to attack those WordPress websites that are kept exposed. So, don’t get trapped and choose a suitable WordPress security plugin for keeping your revenues safe and protected.

Countless WordPress security plugins are available, and we know the difficulty in selecting the perfect one. Thus, we have eased up the process for you by highlighting the best of the most preferred WordPress security plugins for you. Because we understand what your customer, visitors, and reputation mean to you. Let’s find you one:

1.  Sucuri Security

According to WordPress website design Dubai professionals, a website firewall is mandatory. But, if you use WordPress security plugins, consider a website firewall before you decide on any security plugin.

Sucuri Security is the first choice of many website designers and developers. In case you’re just a beginner, then the free version would be enough. But, the Pro version is worth the price if you run a website development agency or similar.

Sucuri offers a simple setup on your WordPress dashboard, confirms WordPress website design Dubai. Additionally, firewall protection keeps your website safe from malware attacks. You can run a scan for checking the malicious attack. Sucuri monitors every activity on the site, including modifications in files, login attempts, and last logins.

Moreover, the security plugin can boost the server’s turn-up time, and the traffic would be uninterrupted. Therefore, Sucuri is the right WordPress plugin for your business if you want to prevent XSS, SQL injections, and other known attacks. Select among these three plans for an effective security solution with Sucuri: Free, Pro, and Business.

2.  Wordfence

We have come across another hot favourite WordPress security plugin. With the free version of Wordfence, you can fight against online threats. Threats might put down the functionality of your website. Additionally, the plugin runs automated scans for your business website to eliminate common threats and malware from your website. With Wordfence, you can enable full scans at any time.

Wordfence is designed to alert you whenever it senses any kind of act of compromise on your website. Moreover, it would tell you what you should do to prevent the attack or security flaw. Indeed, Wordfence offers an in-built WordPress firewall, but the firewall loads on your server just before WordPress activates on the server.

You can limit the number of failed login attempts with Wordfence. Tracking any kind of hack attempts, time stamps, IP addresses, and duration is possible with Wordfence.

3.  Jetpack

If you’ve been searching for an overall best WordPress plugin including the security measures, JetPack is for you. Handle website vulnerabilities and performance issues with Jetpack. The security plugin is popular enough, and it has already achieved more than 5 million installations. Use its one-click Restore feature to retrieve your website back online. In addition to this, you can keep an eye on the activity log that records every single entry to your website.

On the other hand, real-time backups, spam protection, plugin updates, and built-in marketing tools are extra features of the plugin. Jetpack minimises the threats by activating the decentralised malware scanning option. Moreover, you can enable alerts via the email function on Jetpack.

Moreover, Jetpack is also available as a free version, and you can grab the Pro version if you need advanced features.

4.  iThemes Security Pro

WordPress users might be aware of the developer who created essential plugins such as BackupBuddy. The same developer has created iThemes Security Pro, and the tool is easy to use. The interface of iThemes Security Pro is extremely user-friendly, and the protection is of high grade.

This WordPress security plugin conveys strong password enforcement, plugin scans, detection of 404 error, and two-factor authentication. It readily recognises suspicious IP addresses and regarding activities on WordPress websites. Additionally, the plugin would notify you with emails if it discovers anything fishy. Yet, the plugin lacks a website firewall, but you can fix the login attempts on the website.

5.  WPScan

Are you looking for a trusted WordPress security solution? WPScan has been working since 2012, and it can guarantee your WordPress security on the backend. Escape from unpleasant threats and situations with WPScan’s open-source tool. Mitigate malware attacks and any known vulnerabilities with this dedicated WordPress security plugin.

Additionally, WPScan runs scans daily to identify the malicious residence on your website. In case it discovers anything bizarre, it would inform you through an email mechanism. Knowledgeable WordPress experts are working behind the databases. They make sure that their customers do not have to go through hassles; you can try with the Free version. However, the Pro and paid versions start at a reasonable price.

6.  All-in-One WP Security & Firewall

We have got another all-in-one solution for your WordPress website security measures. Additionally, you can rely on the simple user interface of the plugin. The plugin offers helpful customer support without logging into any paid or premium plans. Moreover, the security plugin is a decent visual tool for explaining beginner metrics such as graphs, meters, and security strengths.

You can block a user by using this plugin. Backup and restore .wp-config and .htaccess files using the same tool. The represented graphs are enough to understand where you need to work to strengthen your website. There are three different categories, namely Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Hence, any advanced developer can use this plugin without any worry.

7.  BulletProof Security

The benefit of BulletProof Security is that you can avail guaranteed protection, and that too for free. It might lack that seductive look or design to blow out your mind but, it has got the protection swag to deal with nasty attacks. However, once you install the plugin on your website, the provided video would tell you how to set it up.

It has got all the comprehensive set of tools that is mandatory for your website security. From malware scanner, .htaccess protection, database backup to monitoring the login attempts, everything comes along with these plugins. But, the Pro version of BulletProof Security will permit you to install the solution on countless websites. It makes way for free upgrades for the lifetime, as well as competent tools that are not available in the free version.

Do you Require WordPress Security Plugins?

To highlight the necessity of a WordPress Security plugin, the current statistics might help you. On average, every website available online might encounter an attack almost 44 times every day. Now, you can easily interpret why it’s obvious to install a security plugin on a WordPress website. Online imposters can steal your valuable data and spoil your brand reputation. Or worse, they might wipe out your business website.

So, it’s in your hand to protect your WordPress website from vulnerable activities. Malware attacks might affect SEO rankings, too. So, go through your website’s security requirements. Thus, you can easily select the most suitable WordPress security plugin for your website.