How to Make a Professional Video to Share on Social Networks

Today we will see how to make a professional (or semi-professional) video for your brand or business to integrate into an online marketing strategy.

Why make videos to share on social networks?

Audiovisual material now accounts for 78% of all content consumed online. 9 out of 10 Internet users watch the videos of the brands they follow. It is said that 65% of them end up visiting the web after doing so. Almost half of the Internet users between the ages of 25-54 share online videos that already occupy 50% of all mobile traffic.

Reasons why you should make videos for social networks.

  • All social networks have the possibility of sharing videos and even live videos. It is an effective opportunity to publicize the brand, products or services through multimedia social networks.
  • The video multiplies by three times that a publication is shared on social networks. The video format captures much more the attention of Internet users and if it is of interest to them, they will share the videos much more through their social networks than with other publications.
  • Video helps the SEO positioning of your website or blog. Google better positions websites that contain videos and have a YouTube channel.
  • Video improves sales when it comes to eCommerce. Videos that are showing products and services help sales in an online store.
  • Video makes your company, products or services stand out from the competition, offering a fresher and more innovative image. Although more and more companies are launching into the publication of videos on social networks, there are still not many who do so. It can be an opportunity to stand out and differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • Videos are not as expensive as it sounds. With some basic notions, you can create semi-professional videos yourself to share on social networks.

How to make a professional video to share on Social Networks?

Choose the right video editor

Like all those who are new to video editing, you can try Windows Movie Maker for PCs and iMovie for iOS editions, which are the programs to make videos that come by default on all Windows and Mac computers. Other free editors that you can get started within video editing are:

  • Wondershare Filmora allows you to mount, cut and modify all kinds of audiovisual format, adding effects, audio and photographs. It also includes options to customize your productions such as filters, transitions, text, music and a long etcetera.
  • FlexClip is a free video editor that has many of the capabilities of more professional programs. It allows adding video effects, correcting color, applying filters to both photos and moving images, including sound effects and filters for audio tracks, transforming objects. You are allowed to use free tools like Free Screen Recorder, Free Video Compressor, Free Slideshow Maker and Free Video Converter.
  • Blender specializes in creating and manipulating 3D graphics and is also considered one of the best for Mac’s editing videos.
  • Lightworks includes a professional video editor. In this way, its usability could be a bit complicated. It can be used for both Mac, Windows or Linux.

Choose the theme of the video.

With a little creativity, you can make some pretty cool videos to share with your followers on social media. You don’t need a big budget to make high-impact videos. Here are some examples:

  • Video – demonstrations (Step by step). Videos showing how to do something are a hit on social media. The only rule is: the shorter and simpler the steps, the more successful the video will be.
  • Videos Behind the Scenes Situations that show the company’s more human side, its workers, and the environment that the company experiences at certain times such as Christmas, the arrival of the holidays.  A spark of humor will make it reach much more people.
  • Curious data about your sector Infographics are used a lot to capture data from a report or study. Still, if the data is curious or can attract your followers’ attention, you can also make a video about it.
  • New products. Short videos can help launch a product effectively and fun at the same time. Take note of the example from HP or the Lorna Jane company.

Characteristics of videos for social networks

They are called “Short-Videos,” and their duration does not go beyond 2 minutes. Some companies include the logo at the end of the video. Some media such as Play Ground or Cultura Inquieta have achieved great notoriety thanks to their videos’ virality.

Buy Video Clips

To edit a video, you can use your recordings or buy some video clips and add them to your production. There are many sources of videos. The most complete are: Fotolia, Shutterstock, VideoHive, IstockPhoto …

Free music to use in videos

All video requires background music that emphasizes the message you want to convey. But not all audio clips are valid, only those that have a Creative Commons free use license. Some of the banks to find free music are: Vimeo Music Store, dig.ccMixter, SoundCloud, AudioNautix and Youtube Audio Library.

Tips when editing video

  • Don’t forget the “video stabilization” function. It will make the camera shake almost imperceptible if video clips have been recorded while in motion.
  • The 1: 1 (Square) format is the most used format for sharing on social networks.
  • Reduce the sound of your video clips to emphasize the background music clip you have chosen.
  • Forget about transitions that draw pictures like stars, circles or drag images… Use the most natural transitions like black or white fades.
  • Slow or medium fade-ins and fade-outs usually work well.
  • Add big titles by narrating a story. The fonts are usually white so that the contrast is greater.
  • Save the video in HD, then upload it to the social networks you want. Although some editors allow direct uploading of videos to social networks, the result is better if they are uploaded with HD and the social network makes its own transformation.
  • Include the sources of information that you have used to make the video, if information, percentages, etc., are added.

To sum up

We’ve listed the reasons why you should make videos for social networks, how to choose the right video editor, how to choose the theme of the video, and some bonus tips when editing the video. You should have an idea of how to get started. Give it a try now!