Shop Drawing Services for Efficient Construction

In any construction process the efficient propagation of information between various professionals like engineers, designers, contractors and subcontractors is highly essential. To facilitate an advanced and enhanced transfer of information, Shop drawing services are widely availed. Outsourcing Steel Detailing provides CAD Shop Drawing Services to a variety of clients.

Shop drawings are nothing but the information of construction documents portrayed in the drawing form which are far easier to understand and act upon. However, utmost attention must be paid while developing shop drawings as any flaw or misunderstanding in the transfer of information can result in inevitable disastrous errors in the entire structure.

To correct those errors, a huge amount of both time and money would be then required. Hence it is required to produce flawless shop drawings at the very basic level itself.

Steel Shop Drawings

Shop drawings include various elements. Some of them can be listed as:

  • Elevators
  • Structural steel
  • Trusses
  • Windows
  • Pre-cast
  • Air handling units
  • Cabinets

Traditionally shop drawings were developed by designers on papers by pencils and other geometrical tools. The drawings were two dimensional then. With the introduction of CADD drawings, the scenarios of shop drawings experienced a drastic change and CADD shop drawings became immensely popular. Computer Aided software helps to develop three dimensional drawings or models which help in better visualization.

The information regarding any aspect can be expressed more clearly in CADD shop drawings. Hence they are mostly proffered over 2D drawings.

Shop drawing services are largely outsourced as it provides a number of benefits like:

  • It provides access to highly specific skills which are generally unavailable
  • Expense on recruitment and training is saved by a large extent
  • While it is outsourced, focus and attention can be paid to the core business
  • Overhead cost and operational costs are also reduced drastically
  • The pace of the work is enhanced and so is efficiency
  • Expenses of office like space, electricity and furniture is also reduced
  • Investment of software and hardware can be avoided
  • It makes the entire process more flexible and can be altered with the ever-changing conditions in business
  • Risks are significantly reduces

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