Business Cards: Tips for Freelancers

Here are some business cards tips for freelancers. There’s nothing like working for yourself, doing what you love. The drawback? There’s no fallback. It’s all you, baby. You can’t spend all your time at your desk or in the studio – at some point you have to get out in the world and make some money.

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Here are a few tips to help your business card connect you with customers.

1. Promote yourself, not your work

Stay away from promoting any one piece of work – one book, one product, one painting – on a business card. Focus on your name and what you do. Drawing people to look at your work is only the first step; it’s making that personal connection that will prompt them to buy.

2. Showcase your diversity

On the other hand, if you wear many “hats,” there’s nothing wrong with creating a unique business card for each kind of work you do. For example, you may not want your science-textbook-editing client to connect the dots to your sideline as a romance novel writer. Idea: a business card-sized mini-brochure could be a handy promo item that’s easy to carry around and hand out.

3. “Free” business cards can cost you plenty

When you work for yourself, your promotional material is not the place to skimp. “Free” business card sites may be tempting, but they may use inferior materials. Worse, they may slap their own logo on the back of your card, which sends the wrong message to potential clients. Investing a little extra for heavy paper stock and quality printing will pay for itself in the long run.

4. Think of unique ways to use your business card

Use a high-resolution scan of your business card and you’ve got an instant conversation starter the next time you’re stuck during an airport layover or waiting in a line.

Download Freelancer Business Card Template