Get an Experience to Live in a Painting of Van Gogh on Airbnb Chicago

Van Gogh is a famous artist in painting. Want to get an experience to live in a painting of Van Gogh? When you decided to travel to other cities or countries, you expect to get unique experience that you didn’t get from your daily life or from your current city. There is no more unique than living in a painting of Van Gogh.

A 2D painting that you only can see, now can be touched and felt like you actually live inside the painting, and what make the experience become more exciting is that the painting you are going to live in is the famous painting in the world, Bedroom in Arles by Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh.

There are three versions of Bedroom in Arles or also known as The Bedroom. Van Gogh made the first version in October 1888 to depict the house he lived in Arles, France. The house is known as The Yellow House. He explained what the goals and what he was going to do for the painting in the letter to his brother Theo.

However, Van Gogh got sick and was bedridden in the hospital for days. While he was in the hospital, the Rhône River flooded his house and his painting was being damaged because of it. He sent the first version to his brother with a regret letter. Experience to Live in a Painting of Van Gogh.

Get an Experience to Live in a Painting of Van Gogh

His brother suggested to reline the painting and sent it back to Van Gogh. Then Van Gogh made the second version of painting in September 1889. He sent both versions to his brother again.

Later Van Gogh decided to recreate his best paintings but in smaller size for his mother and sister. The Bedroom is included in these reduction paintings. It became the third version of The Bedroom.

Get an Experience to Live in a Painting of Van Gogh

Originally the first version is displayed in Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam. The second version is in the Art Institute of Chicago, and the third version is in the Musée d’Orsay, Paris. Now all the third versions are being displayed in the Art Institute of Chicago for the first time in North America, along with other works of Van Gogh and his private possession such as books and letters.

To celebrate this event, the Art Institute of Chicago created a room that looked exactly like the painting, and put the advertisement on Airbnb, an online marketplace for short-term lodging. Now, everyone can get a feeling what it likes to living in a painting of Van Gogh. Experience to Live in a Painting of Van Gogh.

Get an Experience to Live in a Painting of Van Gogh

The room has the same look with the painting from the furniture to the hues. The walls are in blue colors. The chairs and the bed have yellow butter color. The bedspread is in scarlet hues. The room even has the same portraits, pictures, and clothes hanging on the walls as well as the washbasin and bottles.

The aim of this recreated room is to give a chance for everyone to understand more about Van Gogh, to gain insight of Van Gogh’s mind, and to know what kind of room that could inspire Van Gogh creating such phenomenal painting.

Get an Experience to Live in a Painting of Van Gogh

The room only costs you $10. It is really the cheap price for valuable experience you can get from the room. You even can get the ticket to visit the exhibition of Van Gogh at Art Institute of Chicago. Of course, you need to sign a waiver before you come to the location.

You can bring the extra guests to the room and there won’t be any charges for that. However, it can be difficult to find an extra space for your guests to sleep in that small room.Experience to Live in a Painting of Van Gogh.

Get an Experience to Live in a Painting of Van Gogh

This recreated room can be your inspiration if you have decided to build a room. Not like the other designs which you can find a lot in internet or magazines, the room that looks like a painting will stand out and attract the attention anyone who come to visit the room. Do you live in Jababeka areas and have interest to make the similar room? You can call Nikifour, the best contractor you can find in the whole Jababeka West Java of Indonesia areas.

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They have the best consultant who can give you the best advices of what you should do if you want to create this kind of room. Your dream to be living in a painting of Van Gogh can be fulfilled without you have to go to Chicago, and the best part is that you can live in the painting forever. Experience to Live in a Painting of Van Gogh.