Bangkok Once More Add Unique Skyscraper in Its Possessions

Bangkok once more add unique skyscraper in its possessions. It is natural if people want something different than what other people have. It is also the main principle in architecture world. You cannot say that you are an architect if you always design the old same thing like other architecture had designed. You should create something different in your design, a building that will stand out among the others like this new skyscraper in Bangkok, the MahaNakhon.

The MahaNakhon is currently being the tallest skyscraper in Thailand. The architect created unique design for skyscraper that every people who had seen it couldn’t deny its uniqueness.

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Unique Skyscraper in Its Possessions

An architect who were responsible creating this amazing skyscraper is a German architect, Ole Scheeren. His Thai client wants his next building will be standing out among the other same kind skyscrapers which already existed in Bangkok such as the elephant building and the robot building. The architect who do not believe with the uniformity in architecture designs start to design a building that could create a visual relationship between people in surrounding area with the presence of the building. He did not want the building make people around it feel intimidated. Therefore he built a building that look unfinished or incomplete.

Unique Skyscraper in Its Possessions

The MahaNakhon’s height is 314 meters with 77 floors inside the building. The building is located in the central of business district in Bangkok, Thailand. The main concept of the building is a skyscraper which look like a digital pixelation. Another concept is the irregularity structure like we often found at the topography of ancient mountains. From afar, it seems the building is surrounded by spiral ribbon that cut the building on its exterior.

The building sections that are being cut by the ribbon are being exposed through the inner layer. The glass walls in these sections have different surface with other sections that are not cut by the ribbon, horizontally and vertically. That is why the building looks like Jenga game or like a picture that is pixelated in a computer.

Unique Skyscraper in Its Possessions

The building is comprised by hotels, restaurants, cafes, residential apartments, and retail stores. The jagged sections where spiral ribbon surround the exterior of the building have glass box balconies which allow the residents to view Bangkok city and Chaopraya river from higher ground. The balconies is wide enough to be outdoor atrium. This unique design for skyscraper is made with careful consideration of Bangkok’s tropical climate.

Unique Skyscraper in Its Possessions

The residents who live in the pixelated area can switch between indoor and outdoor area whenever they like it. For those who live in the non-pixelated area, they still can enjoy the panoramic view of Bangkok city by folding balcony windows that could be folded inward and outward.

Unique Skyscraper in Its Possessions

At the top of the MahaNakhon building there is a sky bar and restaurant with 3-storeys. That bar also offers an outdoor space, so that the visitors can go outside looking the panoramic view of Bangkok city from a height of more than 300 meters above the sea level. This can cause dizziness for those who are afraid of heights. The penthouse’s price in the MahaNakhon is 480M Baht in 2013. Currently it is the highest price of condominium in Thailand.

It took 5 years to complete the building in 2016, though the project was announced since 2009. The MahaNakhon has been awarded from many prestigious property awards in and outside Thailand including Asia-Pacific Property Award.

Looking this amazing building encourages us to believe in ourselves that someday we can create a building that as amazing like the MahaNakhon.

In Indonesia especially in the industrial area such as Jababeka or KIIC we still can find available spaces which can be a perfect place to build a building like MahaNakhon. If you have an idea for unique building, go sketch your idea or ask help from professionals to interpret your ideas into great building designs.

Then go find the best contractor in the area who knows what the best materials for building skyscraper, the contractor who is not hesitate giving you the best advice, so that your dream to build unique design for skyscraper become true.

The best contractor you can find in Jababeka, KIIC, and surrounding area is Nikifour. Call us to get the best advice in building construction.

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