7 Stunning Pictures of Aibek Almassov’s “Tree in the House”

Aibek Almassov’s “Tree in the House” is now considered as one of the most unique buildings in the whole wide world. Usually, modern building and nature do not go well together. However, in the hand of this Kazakh architect, modern building and nature blends perfectly in harmony.

The result you can see in the stunning pictures below. They are the pictures of a 2013 unique building slash house located in the middle of the forest and bond to a tree. It is the masterpiece of Aibek Almassov himself. Below, scrutinize more about Aibek Almassov’s “Tree in the House”.

Stunning Tubular Glass House 1

Aibek Almassov’s “Tree in the House”

This glass-tree house was built by Aibek Almassov because he wanted to show the world that nature is beautiful and it blends perfectly with the modern world. Beside of that, Aibek Almassov wanted to show that the tree house was the right way to combat stone proliferation. This tree house was designed to be environmental friendly. The location of the forest was chosen because it represented the true nature. It is where you can see the greens from the tree and the blue from the sky.

The Location


Stunning Tubular Glass House 2

Aibek Almassov’s “Tree in the House”

The main power of the glass-tree house is the sun. The tree house employs solar panel and glass to maximize the usage of the sunlight. It is going to empower everything inside the house including the heating system and electricity system as well. Aibek Almassov designed the house to be as open as possible. You can take a look its can-like shape without traditional roof shape and wall. It looks like a gigantic tube but it is absolutely stunning still.

Stunning Tubular Glass House 3

Aibek Almassov’s “Tree in the House”

At first, Aibek Almassov’s “Tree in the House” was hard to construct. There was no constructors nor investors who showed interest in helping Aibek Almassov to build the tree house. However, it was all changed after a manufacturer offered their help. It was the manufacturer of glass and solar panel. They saw that the tree house could be the perfect opportunity to show off their products. The construction then began in 2013 and today the masterpiece of Aibek Almassov is ready to use.

Stunning Tubular Glass House 4

Aibek Almassov’s “Tree in the House”

Aibek Almassov wanted something that “harmless” to the nature and “as close as” the nature. He considered that building modern houses these days really harm nature and it would be disrespectful to harm nature. Nature “feeds us”, according to Aibek Almassov. This Aibek Almassov’s “Tree in the House” is the perfect example that you can make something beautiful without harming the nature. The nature is something we have to nurture instead of destroy indeed.

Stunning Tubular Glass House 5

Aibek Almassov’s “Tree in the House”

Aibek Almassov stated that this tubular glass tree house is the way to make people live in harmony with nature. The house was literally built to fit a tree and the tree itself is the center of the tubular glass tree house. Basically, it is an inverted tree house with 360-degree-views so that you can see the surrounding easily. Stunning scenery is easily seen from inside the house.

Stunning Tubular Glass House 6

Aibek Almassov’s “Tree in the House”

This house, according to Aibek Almassov, is the best way to avoid the busy city live. There are plenty of natural beauties and uniqueness that you can get from the forest. This is where you do not see concrete boxes everywhere and this is where you can get closer to the nature somehow. The glass walls everywhere in the house provides translucent effect that makes you somehow blends with the nature.

Stunning Tubular Glass House 7

Aibek Almassov’s “Tree in the House”

The house has glazed walls and ring-shaped floor. The staircase was visible and you can totally see everything inside the house including the stunning tree center of the house. In the daylight or at night, the house will always look as stunning as the nature herself.

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